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As the business world starts to face up to a gradual return to what was normal, all forecasts suggest disputes will rise. Business should be giving thought to how best to have these resolved.

There is as always, no single correct answer but in many instances arbitration will be a sensible option. Strict confidentiality under the Scottish arbitration rules could be critical in itself. An ability to flex procedures to suit the particular case can also help. Scotland now has a clear and accessible set of rules to make the process work. Limiting Court intervention helps to control cost and delay - though it is also good to know that the Scottish Courts are very supportive of arbitration. Finally, a statutory requirement on all participants including the arbitrator to get things done efficiently and economically can be key.

Parties can arbitrate under existing arbitration clauses or simply agree to do so. They can select their own arbitrator and the Royal Faculty has a pool of experienced and expert arbitrators from.which an appointment can be made. Applications for the Royal Faculty's arbitration service should be made in the first instance to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the Royal Faculty.

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