4a. Intellectual property searches: driving business without a seatbelt? or just asleep at the wheel?
Thursday 22 August 2019
05:45pm - 07:15pm
Philip Hannay (Managing Director, Cloch Solicitors)
Seminar Details:

How basic freedom to operate searches can save your client from expensive legal actions, and you from potential negligence claims!

There can be no doubt that the necessary deployment of physical, emotional, financial and intellectual resources in order to launch a new, or expand a growing business, product or service is very often all-consuming. Add to that the rewards for being first-to-market in a digital age and it can be understood why presumptions might be rashly made or basic considerations quickly overlooked by market participants, such as those with respect to the intellectual property rights of others. Progressive moves by the United Kingdom Government have reached the point that the public records necessary to verify the existence and extent of relevant right holders are not only easy and free to access but the legal transactions that some public records relate to are now expressly prefaced with notices which arguably nudge a seemingly innocent oversight towards negligence. This is a risk that needs not to be taken. Join Philip Hannay for a refresher discussion around intellectual property and a basic introduction to conducting related searches.


After being awarded the Law Awards of Scotland title ‘IP lawyer of the Year’ in 2010 and 2011, Philip Hannay launched Glasgow based legal boutique Cloch® in 2012 - cited by the World Trademark Review in 2018 as “…a magnet for some of the most dynamic creatives around”. Philip is custodian of the Lord Rodger Library and is a tutor and guest lecturer at the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling and Strathclyde. He provided the legal observations for the academic work ‘Tales from the drawing board : IP wisdom and woes from Scotland’s creative industries’ published in 2015 by the Institute for Capitalising on Creativity, St Andrews, UK.



Booking fee: members £50; non-members £80; trainee/paralegal from member firm £15; trainee/paralegal from non-member firm £25

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