5. Diligence Update and How Best to Enforce Decrees / Decisions
Thursday 26 September 2019
05:45pm - 07:15pm
David Alexander (Partner, Gilson Gray LLP) and Kenny Gillies (Stirling Park)
Seminar Details:

The seminar will detail the various options available to creditors (as below) to enforce a decree or decision and examine their effectiveness. An update will be given on the Diligence Review conducted by AiB with potential modifications to existing diligences and what might be happening with Information Disclosure, Residual Attachment and Land Attachment.


  • Charge for payment
  • Arrestment in execution
  • Earnings Arrestment
  • Inhibition
  • Attachments (incl. Money Attachment)
  • Case Studies
  • Diligence Trends
  • Diligence Review
  • Wrongful Diligence

Kenneth Gillies qualified as a sheriff officer in 2013 and thereafter qualified as a Messenger-at-Arms in 2016. He has had 9 years experience on the road and was recently appointed as Client Services Manager at Stirling Park. This new post will see him continue to operate as a sheriff officer and messenger-at-arms on a part-time basis whilst most of his time will be dedicated to supporting Stirling Park’s legal clients and developing new business opportunities.  


Booking fee: members £50; non-members £80; trainee/paralegal from member firm £15; trainee/paralegal from non-member firm £25

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