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Sheriff Lindsay Wood

Message from Sheriff Principal Aisha Anwar

Sheriff Lindsay Wood lost his battle with cancer and passed peacefully on Sunday afternoon. 


His contribution to Glasgow Sheriff Court cannot be over-stated.  From his ground breaking work in the drugs court to his deep concern for the welfare of sheriffs and staff, he had an ability to make everyone feel valued. 


The high regard in which he was held by all was demonstrated by the large numbers who attended and paid tribute to him during his retirement drinks.  His wife Angela described him as being “quite emotional and blown away” by the warmth with which we all marked his retirement.  His appointment as Sheriff at Glasgow meant a great deal to him.


She asked that I pass on her gratitude to all at Glasgow Sheriff Court for their words of kindness and support.


Sheriff Wood will be missed terribly.


Sheriff Principal Aisha Anwar

Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin

Sheriff Lindsay Wood’s funeral will be held at Glasgow Cathedral at 10 am on 23 March, followed by a celebration of his life at Ibrox at 12 noon.


Angela, his wife, has expressed the hope that many of Sheriff Wood’s colleagues can join the family and share stories of Lindsay.



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