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In May 2018 the Lord Justice General issued the Practice Note - The Management of Lengthy or Complex Criminal Cases - which calls for judges to try to generate a spirit of co-operation between the court and both sides, prosecutors to provide an early outline of key facts and evidence, defence agents to provide an early statement, better use of uncontroversial evidence being agreed in advance of trial and better use of focused evidence during trial which will enable the Court to address the real issues of dispute in a case. This is a potentially revolutionary document which is already being given effect to.

The Scottish Sentencing Council issued a Sentencing Guideline which was approved by the High Court of Justiciary in October 2018. The Guideline aims to clearly sets out both the principles underlying sentencing decisions and the overarching purposes of sentencing. It is intended to provide judges and the public with a clear statement about the aims of current sentencing practice in the Scottish courts and promote consistency and transparency in sentencing.

Both these documents are potentially revolutionary and are already being given effect to. The Royal Faculty is very pleased to welcome the Lord Justice General to talk on the subjects of case management in lengthy trials and sentencing.


Originally recorded on 6.3.19

6.3.19 Case Management in Lengthy Trials and Sentencing

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