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Professor Michael Meston once famously characterised survivorship destinations as an abomination.

This Seminar will cover -
     • Why we have survivorship destinations in the first place
     • An examination of various cases highlighting problems occasioned by survivorship destinations.
     • Survivorship Destinations and professional negligence
     • The proper methodology for revocation of survivorship destinations.
     • Survivorship Destinations and moveable property


John Kerrigan is one of Scotland’s foremost authorities on Succession. He is a member of the Law Society of Scotland Sub-Committee on Trusts and Succession. John is also the author of Drafting for Succession which is now in its second edition and compiled Greens’ styles of Powers of Attorney and Petitions for Financial Guardianship.


Originally recorded on 25.10.18

25.10.18 Survivorship Destinations

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