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A Night of Excellence: recap of the Royal Faculty's mooting competition 1st semi-final

In a captivating evening of legal debate, the first semi-final of the Royal Faculty's mooting competition unfolded with teams from the University of Strathclyde (Harbani Kohli and Sara Akram) and the City of Glasgow College (Lauren Conner and Finn Loveman) taking center stage. Under the discerning eye of Sheriff Brian Mohan, the teams presented their arguments with commendable skill and determination.

Sheriff Mohan commended both teams for their impressive performance, acknowledging the high standard of debate displayed throughout the evening. Offering constructive advice and encouragement, he underscored the importance of perseverance in the legal field.

Ultimately, in a very close competition, it was the team from Strathclyde University that clinched victory, securing their spot in the final on 8th May.

The Royal Faculty would like to thank all the students who participated for their hard work and Sheriff Mohan for judging the competition.

As anticipation builds for the final showdown on 8th May, we look forward to another evening of spirited debate and legal prowess in the second semi-final next week (on 17th April) between the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University.

Please feel free to book a place for either the 2nd semi-final or the final at



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