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Glasgow Legal Walk 2023

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Glasgow Legal Walk 2023

The Royal Faculty will be supporting the Glasgow Legal Walk, in aid of free local legal advice charities, again this autumn.

The Glasgow Legal Walk is an annual charity event which the Royal Faculty has been supporting for several years now. It gathers the legal community and supporters of access to justice to walk to raise money for the Access to Justice Foundation and awareness of the essential work it does. They are great fun, offer super networking opportunities, and support very worthwhile causes, so why not organise and register a team, or sponsor some local walkers?

Participants from the legal community are sponsored for taking part in a walk starting from the steps at the front of the Sheriff Court, where they will be seen off by a senior Sheriff, and finishing with a reception in the Royal Faculty building.

The Walk will take place on Tuesday 26 September 2023. Sheriff Alan Mackenzie will "see off" the walk from the steps of the Sheriff Court at 5.30pm which will finish with a closing reception at the Royal Faculty of Procurators. We are keen to encourage as many participants from the legal community as possible - judges, advocates, solicitors, paralegals, trainees and law students, and their colleagues, friends, and family (and dogs) to walk with us.

Registration: 5-5.30pm, with a group photo at 5.25pm

Start time: 5.30pm

Finish time and reception: 7-8.30pm

Start point: Glasgow Sheriff Court, 1 Carlton Pl, Glasgow G5 9DA

End venue: Royal Faculty of Procurators, 12 Nelson Mandela Pl, Glasgow G2 1BT



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