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Scottish Standard Clauses (5th ed.)

The Scottish Conveyancers Forum has published the latest version of the Scottish Standard Clauses (SSC 5th ed,) with a suggested usage start date of 29 August 2022.

Please click on the links below to access the following -

Extract Scottish Standard Clauses (5th ed.)
Download PDF • 6.21MB
Briefing Note - SSC (5th ed.)
Download DOCX • 258KB
Clients Guide to SSC (5th ed.)
Download DOCX • 69KB
Practitioners Guide to SSC (5th ed.)
Download DOC • 74KB
Checklist for SSC (5th ed.)
Download DOCX • 94KB

The latest version of SSC is being promoted by the Scottish Conveyancers Forum which, it is hoped, will become a nationwide forum, not to supplant the Glasgow/Edinburgh/Ayr fora which continue to have a local focus, but to supplement local faculties.



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