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RFPG Trainee CPD complete course 2023 (Over 60 hours TCPD)

Course Fee - £1,200 (including all materials)

Trainee Continuing Professional Development (TCPD) has been prescribed by the Law Society of Scotland as a requirement for the professional qualification of trainee solicitors. The Royal Faculty of Procurators provides access to a programme which meets all the requirements of the Law Society (including over 60 hours of TCPD). As far as possible the programme will be part of the traineeship rather than additional to it and will provide, through a team of experienced solicitors an excellent grounding in each of the main areas of legal practice and incorporate topics requisitioned by the training firm.

Spaced over six months, the course helps trainees to develop essential skills including analysis, argument, communication and pleading, while providing an invaluable opportunity for trainees from different parts of the country and different practice areas to meet and network.

This course has been running for 12 years and will provide training and support for the trainee with the minimum of disturbance to the main training vehicle - the traineeship itself. It is designed to limit the intrusion into the traineeship by providing a flexible online timetable and by including supervised independent study exercises which may be completed outwith business hours.

The course aims to provide experiential practice as drawn from specific, practical case studies with the objective of putting the trainee, as far as possible, into the position of having practical experience in each of the topics covered in a joined-up programme presented by a body of experienced, current practitioners.

In order to maintain the quality of the delivery the numbers on the programme will be limited to 25 (early booking is recommended to ensure a place on the course).

The Royal Faculty of Procurators is a licenced provider of Trainee CPD and, as required by the Law Society of Scotland, the course will be underpinned by a focus on - • Professional Ethics and Standards; • Professionalism; • Professional communication; • Business, financial, commercial and practice awareness; • Substantive and relevant legal knowledge.

If you would like to book a place on the course please complete and return the form

For further information contact the RFPG library (tel. 0141 332 3593)



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