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Now that the SLC have reported on the proposed Reform of Section 28 Claims (cohabitants who separate), Tom Quail has prepared a seminar on Section 29 Claims (where a cohabitant dies intestate and the surviving cohabitant wishes to  make a claim in the estate). 

The leading case in this case, Kerr –v- Mangan 2014 CSIH 69, stated:-

 “If clarity is to be achieved, the current Section 29  needs to be replaced with a provision that gives a clear indication, not only of the mischief which it seeks to address but also of the policy underlying whatever solution is adopted.”


This talk will cover:-

 • The present legal position;

• A brief look at the case law;

• How to quantify a claim in terms of Section 29; and

• The current position re proposals for Reform.


CPD Time: 1 Hour

Originally recorded 15.3.23

15.3.23 Family Law: Death & Disputes

  • Upon payment you will receive a document containing a copy of the notes for the webinar via your email. The first page of this document has the link and password to the webinar you have bought. To ensure you receive your certificate for watching the webinar, please send the answers to the questions on the first page to the linked email highlighted.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

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