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This seminar will look at issues around cybercrime including - (1) phishing, where bogus emails are sent asking for security information and personal details; (2) webcam manager, where criminals takeover a webcam; (3) file hijacker, where criminals hijack files and hold them to ransom; (4) keylogging, where criminals record what is typed on a keyboard; (5) screenshot manager, which allows criminals to take screenshots of a computer screen; (6) ad clicker, which allows a criminal to direct a victim's computer to click a specific link.

About the Speaker:
Professor Peter Watson was one of the first lawyers to qualify as a Solicitor Advocate in Scotland.

​He was born in Greenock and is the son of a former senior police officer. His university education began at Strathclyde where he studied Economics and Psychology.

He later studied law at Edinburgh University, research at the Scandinavian Maritime Law Institute at Oslo University and studied Petroleum Law at Dundee.

Professor Watson has many outside interests including the Chairmanship of Yorkhill Children’s Charity. He has just completed a very successful three year stint as President of Legal Netlink Alliance Europe.

​One of Professor Watson’s niche areas is in the media and he has advised ITN, Mirror Group Newspapers (Daily Record and Sunday Mail), SMG, Newsquest (The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times) Border television, Channel Four, Reuters, GMTV and Sky News.

Other prestigious clients included the Scottish Police Federation, The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents and many other public bodies and private individuals.

He has also worked with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. His focus has been on access to justice and integrity of legal systems in former Soviet Union countries.

Professor Watson was Solicitor of the Year 2008 and has been involved in litigation in 12 countries other than the UK.*

* Bio taken from PBW Law Website


Originally recorded on 10.2.22

10.2.2 Cyber Crime-What is it and what to do about it (Risk Management Seminar)

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