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The Effect of the Covid Pandemic on Willmaking – The Present and What Does the Future Hold – Not Only in Respect of the Making of Wills.

About this Webinar

The Covid19 crisis resulted in the Law Society issuing effectively emergency guidance on the making of Wills, Powers of Attorney and also on material execution. This Webinar will consider that guidance and will also consider to what extent that guidance might be adopted after the end (if there is one) of this current crisis. The Seminar will also consider what areas of laws might or should be changed to take account of the current crisis. Finally, the question of digital Wills has been raised – what is the current position in respect of the digital signatures, digital Wills and how are such matters handled in other parts of the world?


About the speaker - John Kerrigan


John is a Consultant within the Blackadders Private Client Team and has over 40 years of legal practice experience, 34 of them as a Partner. Currently, John mainly deals with contested Estates and giving Opinions in succession, adults with incapacity, trusts, care and funding for the elderly. He has granted in excess of 900 Opinions to, inter alia, The Law Society of Scotland, The Scottish Law Commission and to a large number of Scottish and foreign legal firms. In addition to this John has been cited as an expert witness in court cases involving matters of succession and adults with incapacity.

Work Highlights

John regularly speaks and provides Seminars to various local Law Faculties throughout Scotland and other Legal Training providers on AWI topics.

He has advised a Scottish Local Authority on questions relating to notional capital, deprivation of assets, care home fees etc.

He has chaired a number of Conferences on Adults with Incapacity etc over the past 19 years, on a number of occasions sharing a platform with the former Public Guardian, Sandra McDonald.

When STEP wished to imprint themselves in Scotland, John designed the course for STEP on Wills and Executries.


Author of “Drafting for Succession” first published in 2005 and now in its second edition. Over the years, he has contributed numerous articles to various Journals and newspapers (principally to The Scots Law Times and The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland), including in relation to issues of capacity.

He is largely responsible for designing the current Specialist Paralegal Qualification course in Wills, Trusts & Executries.

External Roles

Member of the Trusts and Succession Sub-Committee of the Law Society of Scotland since 2005

Editor of Greens Scottish Trusts and Succession Service

External Tutor for the Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Wills, Trusts & Executries.

External Tutor for the Intra UK course in Wills and Executries.


Originally recorded on 17.11.20

17.11.20 The Effect of the Covid Pandemic on Willmaking

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